Do You Still Mow the Yard?

Published: 6/7/2016 10:33:13 AM

Do You Still Mow the Yard?

Last summer, I went to a practice management seminar to learn how to improve my firm, overall.Several hours was spent on the thought that I needed to delegate more of the day-to-day operational things which I was doing to others so I could concentrate on the leading the organization and develop/refine the vision of the business.

The leader of the seminar talked about all of the things which he had given to others to do.This included overall management of the office, technology development, standard client communication and several personal things such as paying of personal bills plus maintenance of his checking account.

At a break, a group of us, attendees, got to joking about the idea the leader probably did not even mow his own yard.His assistant was outside the room so we jokingly asked the assistant if she mowed the leader’s yard.She said she, personally, did not do it but thought he hired it out.

Another thing discussed was taking the time to plan.Taking time to develop a vision.Taking time to “dream” of the perfect day in the business.You need to develop what you want the business to be.When you look at the business what does it look like?Not just physically but in values, philosophy and team members.What do you do in a perfect day?Time is necessary to accomplish this.

I still mow my yard.I don’t have a huge yard but it takes about one and half hours on the riding mower to mow.I don’t have a speedy zero turn type of mower.No, just a trusty old yard tractor older than my oldest child but it stills cuts good.

That time on the mower is not wasted.I have solved the world’s problems riding on that mower.My best work was the total realignment of major league baseball teams into new divisions based on location.Also I figured out how to make the “March Madness” basketball tourney better.I even worked on how to make LeBron James an important member of my team.It was a stretch and dictated a fee increase but I had a plan.

The thing is that the time on the mower is time to plan, to develop my vision, to “dream” of the perfect day.Mowing the yard is the quiet time to think.Business leaders need time away from the office to think.Clear their mind.Get away from the things which distract them from thinking.

Mowing gives you the time to dream, plan and think.My mowing time has helped me to plan for a firm which I am proud to call mine.One which is running the way I envision, one which reflects the values which I want it to and provides me with a perfect day, occasionally.

So when do you plan, think and dream?Maybe you should be mowing your yard.