Fishing for Business

Published: 5/23/2015 1:09:25 PM

Growing up in rural Washington County, hunting and fishing were, and still is, a significant part of my life.Fishing is my favorite.I would rather go fishing than most other things.My office is decorated with fishing items just because that is what I like.My favorite saying is "A bad day fishing is a whole lot better than a good day in the office".

The other day while mowing (See Do You Still Mow Your Yard?), I realized that fishing and acquiring new clients are similar and require a lot of the same skills.To be successful in fishing you need to the following:

    • Select the fish which you want to pursue.
    • Research what type of water, structure and environment that your fish will be found in.
    • Determine what type of lures/bait you need for this fish.
    • Develop the necessary fishing techniques needed to entice the fish in a variety of situations.
    • Realize that every cast will not result in a fish on the line.
    • Put yourself in the right place at the right time to find the fish.
    • Determine the proper lure and technique for the place you are in.
    • Present the lure to the fish in a manner to entice them.
    • When the fish takes the lure, SET THE HOOK!
    • The job in not done, sometimes you can pull the fish in immediately and sometimes you have to work on the fish to bring it to the boat.
    • Once you got the fish in the boat, then celebrate!

Acquiring clients is not much different.

    • Select the type of client you want to pursue –niche client.
    • Research this type of client. Where are they located? What is the economy for that industry? – water, structure and environment.
    • What types of services is that type of client looking for? – lure/bait
    • What is the best way to meet these types of clients?Networking events, referrals, industry trade shows, etc. – necessary techniques.
    • When you go to an event where these types are at, what is the best way meet one on one with this client type? -proper lure and technique
    • Give your best presentation to the potential client. – proper lure and technique
    • Realize not every presentation will result in a new client
    • When the potential client says "YES", SET THE HOOK!
    • You still may need to negotiate some of the aspects of the services provided so you will have to work on bring the client "into the boat".
    • Once the potential client becomes a client, CELEBRATE!

I would avoid taking pictures of your new client, like you do with the fish you caught, and definitely do not have them mounted and hang them on the wall, like that big fish you caught.Not good for business.

So the thrill of fishing can also be found in acquiring new clients.Learn all you can about the client you want, determine where to find them, what is the client looking for from your business,what type of presentation is best to use in the environment you are in, and then present the yourself using all of the information you have.Not every presentation is a winner but when it is a winner, work to bring them to your business as a client then celebrate.

Remember don't grab the client by the lower lip and try to hoist them up for a picture!